School Readiness

The Early Learning Coalition of Santa Rosa County seeks to assist parents by providing opportunities for the birth-to-kindergarten population to enhance their chances for educational success by participating in quality early learning programs that can better prepare children for school. The Coalition recognizes that school readiness programs increase children's chances of achieving future educational success and becoming productive members of society. The Coalition provides a seamless system of care in which children receive the high quality school readiness services necessary for optimal cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development, with the necessary alliance of screening/assessments, health care, and support for parents.


Financial Assistance for Child Care

The Early Learning Coalition of Santa Rosa County offers qualified parents financial assistance for child care with contracted child care facilities in our local area. Services include extended-day, extended-year, and school age care to support parents in their efforts toward self-sufficiency. Parents eligible for financial assistance may choose child care services from any of the Coalition’s contracted providers.


Studies of high-quality early childhood programs demonstrate that they are especially beneficial to children from economically disadvantaged households. The Coalition works closely with these providers to ensure the provision of:


- Research-based early learning activities and instruction

- Developmentally appropriate curriculum

- Literacy programs

- Character development programs

- Healthy and safe environments

- Appropriate staff-to-child ratios

- Personnel with required qualifications

- Family-friendly environment that supports parent involvement opportunities

- Parent support services


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North Santa Rosa County - Milton Office: (850) 983-5313

South Santa Rosa County - Gulf Breeze Office: (850) 916-5422


The Coalition also accepts referrals for child care assistance from the Department of Children and Families and from the Regional Workforce Development Boards.

Case Study

A four-year-old VPK student was taking part in routine vision screening within the second largest child care center in Santa Rosa County. The nurse could not get a reading with her vision equipment only to recheck the student at a later date. After the second attempt with the vision equipment the nurse had the student read an eye chart discovering the student could not read past the second row of large “E.” The mother was unaware of the vision problems but took her child to an ophthalmologist where the child received a prescription for glasses.