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From the Chief Executive Officer

The years from birth through preschool lay the groundwork for most of what children will learn in kindergarten, early elementary grades and beyond. During the first five years of life, the amount of information that can be learned and the potential for learning greatly surpasses any other time for learning in the child’s educational history. Children are learning how to walk, dress themselves, name people and places, and ask for things they want. They are also learning new words, how to take turns, how to work and play with others, and how to have a conversation. All of these skills are necessary for school, for work and for all that they will do for the rest of their lives.
Someone once said, "You don't know what you don't know." While it seems simplistic, there is an overwhelming truth in that statement that applies to early care and education. Children must be exposed to quality learning environments at a very early age if they are to reach their full potential. At the Early Learning Coalition of Santa Rosa County, we are dedicated to promoting high-quality, nurturing and stimulating early learning programs for young children, helping them develop the social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills they need for school success and success in the future.

Melissa Stuckey
Chief Executive Officer

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