Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) is a free legislatively mandated program for all children who are four years old on or before September 1st, reside in Florida, and who are not participating in the Gardiner Scholarship Program.  Parents whose children are born from February 2nd through September 1st of a calendar year may choose to enroll their child in VPK either the school-year their child turns 4 or the next.  VPK is designed to build a foundation for educational success by offering quality programs that include qualified instructors, age-appropriate curricula, high literacy standards and manageable class sizes. To participate in the program, children must turn four on or before September 1 (CLICK HERE to see if your child is eligible) and must be a Florida resident.










VPK Provider Information

To meet individual parental choice, VPK is offered through approved private licensed child care centers, licensed family child care homes, faith-based providers, and public and private schools. Providers set their own hours each day and days each week but must meet the following required instructional hours:

- School Year Program - 540 instructional hours. Class sizes not to exceed 20 students; instructors must have a minimum of a Child Development Associate for the school year program, now referred to as the Birth to Five Florida Child Care Professional Credential. Click here for details.

- Summer Program - 300 instructional hours. Class sizes not to exceed 12 students; instructors must have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree.



VPK Provider Readiness Rate Information

The Florida Department of Education/State Board of Education is required by law to calculate a kindergarten readiness rate every year for each private or public school VPK Provider of either the School-Year or Summer program. Frequently Asked Questions regarding the readiness rate can be found here.


The Readiness Rate measures how well a VPK provider prepares four-year-olds for kindergarten readiness based upon Florida's VPK Education Standards. These Standards outline what four-year-old children should know and be able to do by the end of the VPK period.


The Readiness Rate is based on the scores of children who attended VPK and who are screened upon entry into kindergarten. Each public school district administers the screening on all public school kindergarten students. Children who participated in VPK and attended a non-public school for kindergarten are also provided the opportunity to participate in the screening.


To learn more about the Florida Department of Education VPK Provider Kindergarten Readiness Rate,

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For Questions about VPK services:

North Santa Rosa - Milton Office: (850) 983-5313

South Santa Rosa - Gulf Breeze Office: (850) 916-5422


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VPK Providers for the

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